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    Cleaning Your Electric Toothbrush: A Comprehensive Guide

    Picture this: a sunny morning when you pick up the electric toothbrush to apply toothpaste for daily cleaning. Suddenly, you notice sticky deposits stuck in the bristles. There is dirty stuff on the toothbrush and its base, which smells bad. Does this scene send you into a gloomy rainy day again?
    When looking at this scene, some people may ignore it; Others want to make a difference but don't know how. For the former, they must understand the importance of regularly cleaning electric toothbrushes.

    Why do we clean electric toothbrushes?

    Some scientific studies have shown that toothbrushes can harbor various microorganisms, including potentially harmful ones. And those can be transferred to our mouths during brushing if not properly cleaned. Besides that, we should know that keeping the electric toothbrush clean is vital to ensure the best cleaning performance.
    As for the latter, don't worry, this article will tell you all you want to know. Follow these simple and effective ways to have a clean mouth and keep your smile at its healthiest.

    Hot water before & after each use

    One of the best and easiest ways to ensure your electric toothbrush stays clean is to rinse it under hot water. You don't need a kettle of boiling water or anything like that. Turn on the tap water until it's warm, then put your toothbrush under it to clean and eliminate bacteria.
    Remember that rinse your toothbrush before and after you use it! This also benefits from removing any food particles and debris.
    If hot water doesn't meet your needs or you want a thorough clean, try the following method.

    Use a UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

    If you want a good clean and have money, you can buy UV sanitizers for toothbrushes.
    Using UV to sanitize equipment is optional. The CDC says you don't need a UV chamber to clean your toothbrush. A study has found that UV light is the most effective way to sanitize toothbrushes.

    Cleaning your electric toothbrush head

    In addition to rinsing with hot water, there are other ways to clean your toothbrush and remove dirt and grime. We recommend only rinsing thoroughly once a week at most.

    Antibacterial mouthwash

    If rinsing your toothbrush with hot water doesn't calm you, you can soak it in mouthwash for a few minutes. It can help kill any bacteria that may be present.
    Keep in mind that doing this may wear down your toothbrush faster. Because these mouthwashes often contain harsh ingredients that can break the bristles.

    Hydrogen peroxide

    Prepare a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Remove the brush head from the handle and place it in a bowl/container.
    Then pour hydrogen peroxide over the brush head until it is completely submerged. And let it sit for at least 5 minutes. Finish by rinsing the brush head with hot water, then let it stand up to dry.
    Hydrogen peroxide can kill yeasts, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and more!


    To clean your toothbrush naturally, soak it in water and vinegar for 30 minutes, then rinse well.

    When should I replace my toothbrush head?

    Even though you keep your toothbrush clean and use any of the above methods regularly, there will still be times when you should get a new toothbrush head.
    The ADA and CDC recommend getting a new brush head every 3-4 months! If the bristles are worn or frayed, replacing them sooner is recommended. Toothbrush bristles deteriorate over time and lose their ability to clean teeth and gums.

    How to keep the electric toothbrush base and toothbrush handle clean?

    Follow the above cleaning tips to avoid toothpaste buildup on your electric toothbrush. Yet, if you still find it a bit crusty and hard to clean, here's what you should do:
    1. Remove the brush head from the handle, and submerge it into a bowl of hot water.
    2. Swirl the toothbrush handle under hot water to help remove any gunk.
    3. Take a cotton swab or cloth, dampen a mild cleanser, and gently wipe the area.
    4. Once all the dirt is removed, attach the brush head and run the toothbrush under hot water again.
    5. Please put it in an upright position and let it dry completely!

    Tips for everyday maintenance

    Rinse the electric toothbrush every time you use it

    When using a toothbrush, a little toothpaste or food debris will always be stuck to the bristles, making the bristles sticky. Rinsing your toothbrush keeps it clean for better teeth cleaning.

    Let your toothbrush air-dry

    After each use, store the toothbrush upright in a well-ventilated place. If it's still wet, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

    Put your toothbrush upright

    A toothbrush is more likely to drip dry when placed upright than on its side. Also, try not to keep your toothbrush in an airtight container. It may allow mold or bacteria to grow.

    Use a travel case when traveling

    When traveling, never throw your toothbrush friend in the suitcase randomly. Please put him on the hard armor - toothbrush case to keep him safe from dust and dirt.

    Keep your toothbrush private from everybody

    You can share many wonderful things with your family and friends, such as delicious food and beautiful scenery. But it is different from your toothbrush. When you share your toothbrush with other people, you share bacteria (healthy or not).

    Use a toothpaste dispenser

    When you put toothpaste on your toothbrush, the toothbrush, and toothpaste tube can touch and spread bacteria. Toothbrush dispensers can help reduce this contact. When you place your toothbrush under it, it automatically dispenses toothpaste onto your brush. And it also helps to apply the exact amount of toothpaste to the bush by regulating the flow out.


    Regular cleaning of the toothbrush ensures the hygiene and function of the toothbrush and prolongs its service life.
    It is crucial to note that some electric toothbrush heads are not designed to be fully submerged in water. So be sure to check the instruction manual before cleaning the head.
    Follow these steps, and you can enjoy a clean and healthy smile again with your electric toothbrush.

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